Tax Consulting

Benefits for You at a Glance

Whether you need ongoing tax consulting or advice on corporate audits, succession planning, or complex corporate structuring issues, we offer a variety of specialty consulting services provided by our highly dedicated team of experts who can help you implement your plans – efficiently, personally, and effectively.

Tax Returns

Submitting tax returns is a legal obligation for companies and most private individuals. We would be happy to quickly prepare the required tax returns for you. Experience also shows that potential tax savings can often be identified and unlocked during the tax preparation process.

  • Preparation of all tax returns, such as income tax, VAT, corporate income tax, trade tax, inheritance and gift tax, and other returns
  • Calculation of anticipated tax owed or tax refund
  • Selection of most favorable tax options for you
  • Communication with the tax authorities
  • Leveraging of tax design potential
  • Timely settlement of all tax matters
  • Reduced tax liability / avoidance of “unnecessary taxes”
  • Optimal tax design
  • Reviews of tax assessment notices
  • Appeal proceedings against tax assessments
  • Preparation and submission of remission, abatement, and extension applications
  • Advice and protection of your interests during tax court proceedings

Tax Design Consulting

Corporate transactions, incorporation, investments, restructuring, and other major projects generally have a considerable impact on taxes that requires thorough research in advance. We are happy to work with you to develop tax-efficient design approaches and help you implement them.

  • Tax design consulting in advance of important decisions, e.g., corporate restructuring, refinancing, purchasing/constructing buildings, incorporating or taking over a business, dissolving a business, change of legal form
  • Support for drafting tax-efficient contracts
  • Preparation of a tax liability comparison, e.g., for purposes of selecting the optimal legal form
  • Identification of alternative courses of action
  • Support and advice during implementation
  • Tax-efficient solution for your project
  • Certainty that “you have thought of everything”
  • Avoidance of potential tax disadvantages
  • Written documentation for submission to banks, for example
  • Review of possible subsidies
  • Business planning calculations
  • Assistance with business start-ups
  • Preparation of business plans
  • Review of contracts from a tax perspective
  • Comprehensive consulting on wealth and retirement planning issues

International Tax Law

Market globalization and increasing mobility force both companies and individuals to take international issues into consideration. This also has far-reaching tax consequences. Professional advice is a must in times like this. Our services support your international activities, whether that involves your day-to-day business or a cross-border company purchase or sale. Do you want to start a company abroad? We can help you – when necessary, by drawing on the expertise of our cooperation partners and professional network.

  • Advice taking account of existing double taxation agreements
  • Advice on planned moves abroad including all tax consequences
  • Advice on locations for companies abroad
  • Tax-efficient structuring
  • Optimal tax design
  • Identification of all tax consequences
  • Avoidance of potential tax disadvantages
  • International network of firms and partners we know personally
  • Assistance with transfer price documentation
  • Researching of possible subsidies
  • Advice on sending employees on international assignments
  • Preparation of mandatory German tax returns for your employees abroad

Tax Audits

If you are subject to a tax audit, that doesn’t mean you have to hand over control completely. We would be happy to act as a go-between with the auditor and ensure that your rights are being protected for a smooth audit process.

  • Preparation and collection of the necessary documents
  • Support and assistance during the audit
  • Provision of offices, use of IT systems
  • Preparation of analyses for the auditor
  • Participation in interim and final meetings
  • Analyze and explain results and consequences of the audit
  • Reconciliation report on tax audit with audit findings/audit agreements
  • Review of amendment notices
  • Legal certainty during audit performance
  • Support during contact with auditor
  • Avoidance of unjustified additional taxes thanks to professional and knowledgeable representation vis-à-vis the auditor
  • Undisturbed business operations during audit period
  • Check of financial statements for irregularities in advance
  • Check of your in-house bookkeeping and profit calculation for irregularities in advance
  • Check of vouchers in advance for compliance with the applicable rules, completeness of all necessary information, such as eligibility for input tax deduction, complete record of entertainment expenses
  • Help in meeting statutory retention periods for electronic data [check for compliance with the German Regulations on Data Access and the Auditability of Digital Documents (Grundsätze zum Datenzugriff und zur Prüfbarkeit digitaler Unterlagen – GDPdU)]

Inheritances and Gifts

Inheritance and gift tax law especially holds many pitfalls for the layperson and is continually undergoing legislative changes. We investigate your alternatives and prevent financial losses.

  • Tax design consulting with regard to pending transfers of private or corporate assets, taking into account legal and tax issues
  • Comprehensive approach to company ownership and property succession
  • Identification of alternatives: gift or inheritance
  • Advance calculation of tax consequences
  • Preparation of tax returns
  • Implementation of your personal objectives
  • Identification of consequences from an inheritance, gift, income, and land transfer tax perspective
  • Avoidance of potential additional taxes
  • Avoidance of potential disputes
  • Advice on company ownership succession
  • Execution of wills
  • Advice on and support for establishing foundations
  • Advice on future care such as living wills, durable powers of attorney for healthcare, etc.*
  • Wills and taxes*

* In cooperation with our network of lawyers and notaries, when necessary

Special Consulting on Tax Law Issues

Just when you think you have thought of everything, obscure tax law issues always crop up. Whether you have been charged with a tax offense, or unexpected financial changes have suddenly occurred, we can provide you with reliable, expert advice.

  • Support in the case of criminal and petty tax offenses
  • Support during self-reporting to the tax authorities
  • Services and advice for non-profit associations and foundations
  • Preparation and submission of applications and binding declarations
  • Tax planning before year-end
  • Dividend distribution planning for companies
  • Optimal tax design
  • Certainty that “you have thought of everything”
  • Legal certainty for decisions you plan to make
  • Knowledge of possible risks and tax consequences